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Pour ceux et celles qui préparent l’épreuve de français du Leaving Certificate

1-week, Leaving Cert French Revision Courses

Since the closure of schools due to the Covid-19 crisis, a number of students have contacted me for help with their French as we approach the Leaving Cert exams, now scheduled to begin at the end of July.

To satisfy these requests, I am providing low-cost, 1-week French courses between now and the exams. If you are a Leaving Cert student and would like to take part in one of the Revision Courses, please contact me at 098-232-48-48. Alternatively, send me a message. (See the video below, recorded before the first of these courses a few weeks ago, for further information.)

Hugh Nagle

Feedback from Revision Course 1

The notes and online classes were the exact help that I needed to have an edge on others. We were given daily notes and these were of particular use for the written section; they were broad but also had specifics which guarantee that every student will learn something new. Extremely beneficial for all aspects of the exam.

David Harris, Cork

Overall the course was great!! What benefited me most were the exam technique tips that Hugh gave us, which we never really touched on in school. The course was extremely well structured and very easy to follow along to. The written expression classes were fantastic as Hugh showed us exactly what examiners look for. I found the course amazing and it gave me a great understanding of the exam.

Kate Keys, Dublin

I have only positive feedback to give – I found the course extremely helpful and already see a big improvement in my French after taking it. The reading comprehension tips were great, as well as the vocab. You gave us a lot of universal vocab which was extremely helpful so possibly more of that would be good. For example, when you showed us how ‘il y a’ changes in the different tenses. Useful non-specific vocab like that is extremely helpful, I find.

Tadhg O’Corráin, Cork

The online course was easy to follow and very helpful. I would highly recommend it.

Séona Osborne, Cork

I found the course extremely beneficial. Each day had a plan and focus, meaning that the most was made of every hour-long lesson. It was a wonderful platform for revision of crucial topics and there was excellent engagement with students throughout. Questions were welcome and encouraged and Hugh was always patient and helpful in answering any queries. I would highly recommend this course… I only wish I could be in his class every day!

C’était super!

Cara Lamb, Cork

Honestly, I have no criticisms of the course. I found it very beneficial and found no flaws in the way Hugh ran it.

Sean O’Tuathail, Cork

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